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One Al of a Big Mac stunt...

Publication: Oldham Chronicle

Date published: 17 April 2009

CUSTOMERS at the Elk Mill McDonald’s drive-thru did a double take when they spotted 96.2 The Revolution DJ Big Al picking up his breakfast — in a cardboard car.

The mad-cap presenter manoeuvred his vehicle to the window and ordered a coffee after convincing staff — who initially refused to serve him because he was on foot — to accept his custom.

The stunt is part of a long-running series on Steve Penk’s breakfast show to see exactly how much Big Al can get away with.

It all started when Al, who recently won the Chronicle’s Get Moving To Health challenge, was dared to reverse his car through the McDonald’s driveway.

He said: “No one batted an eyelid and they served me no problem even though I was facing the wrong way so we decided to see how far we can push it.

“Staff didn’t want to serve me when I was in the cardboard car but they gave in eventually and I got my coffee.”

After its trip to McDonald’s the cardboard car was taken to Auto-Gleam in Huddersfield Road where it was given a power wash.

Revolution staff are now deciding whether to sell the car on eBay, get it scrapped or let Oldham Council take it away to be recycled.

Listeners are invited to challenge Big Al to do something crazy by sending their suggestions to or calling 0161-621 6500.

Steve Penk, who bought the station in September, said: “As Oldham’s local station we’re always looking for ways to involve our listeners with what we do. We also try to get out of the studio whenever we can.

“When someone suggested challenging Al we thought it would be a great excuse to have a bit of fun out on the streets.”

Visit to see a video clip of Big Al’s cardboard car drive-thru stunt.

Big Al & Steve Penk spent a day building a cardboard car for the stunt...

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